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What Do I Do if I Can’t Pay My Child Support?

Morris County NJ Child Support Modification AttorneysRaising a child in today’s society is an expensive venture. From the time a child is born, until the time they graduate college, parents are financially responsible for all of their children’s needs including food, clothing, shelter, and education. When the parents of a child divorce, this can place an extra strain on the finances of both parents. While family courts do take into account each parent’s financial means when deciding child support obligations, that decision is based on the circumstances at the time of the divorce.

Often these circumstances can change, and the financial burden of child support may become too great for one parent. However, when child support obligations cannot be met due to changed circumstances, together with an experienced Morris County child support attorney, you can petition the courts to modify your child support agreement.

When Can I Modify my Morris County Child Support Agreement?

The most important part of a child support modification petition is convincing the court that the modification is necessary. This can be done by proving that certain circumstances have changed, both permanently and unexpectedly. Having an experienced Morris County child support modification attorney during this process can be extremely beneficial, as they will be familiar with not only what kind of information the courts expect presented, but how to present it in the most effective manner as well. Additionally, the circumstances in question can have changed for either the supporting parent, or the dependent parent.

Changed Circumstances for the Supporting Parent

Changed circumstances which can warrant a modification of a child support agreement for the supporting parent are:

  • Loss of employment or reduction in salary
  • A severe injury or illness
  • Requirement to pay mandatory fines or fees
  • Other child support or alimony obligations from another divorce

Changed Circumstances for the Dependent Parent

A Morris County child support modification may also be sought when circumstances have changed for the parent who is receiving child support, or the dependent parent. These changed circumstances can be:

  • The supported parent has remarried, or is cohabitating with another adult
  • The supported parent receives a raise or promotion, or gains employment
  • The supported parent obtains a large payout such as the lottery

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