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Benefits of Prenuptial Agreements

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Benefits of a Prenuptial Agreement

The benefits of a prenuptial agreement are really to give you a blueprint. If you were unfortunate to go down that road of divorce, it gives you a blueprint as to how a divorce would unfold. One of the benefits of doing that is that there are a lot of overly aggressive lawyers out there and if you have a road map as to how the assets are going to be divided or how spouse´s support is going to be handled, it really streamlines the divorce process.

What Can Be Included in a Prenuptial Agreement?

When researching the answer to a legal question, it’s important to read the actual language of the statute. There is also a benefit, however, to read a summary of the statute in plain English. Below you can find a brief overview of the laws relating to New Jersey prenuptial agreements, as well as links to the relevant statutes.

A prenuptial agreement can include the following:

  • The rights and obligations of each spouse when it comes to property;
  • The right to manage and control property;
  • How property will be distributed at divorce, death, or the occurrence (or non-occurrence) of any other event;
  • The modification or elimination of spousal support;
  • The making of an arrangement (such as a will or trust) to carry out the provisions of the agreement;
  • The ownership rights in and distribution of the death benefit from a life insurance policy;
  • The choice of law governing the construction of the agreement; and/or
  • Any other matter, such as personal rights and obligations, as long as it doesn’t violate public policy.

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