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What to Bring to Your First Appointment with a New Jersey Divorce Attorney

Beginning the process of going through a divorce can often be overwhelming and emotional for a person. With so much to think about, it can be easy to overlook certain things you may need. However, it is crucial to be prepared when you are going to meet with your divorce attorney for the first time. This ensures that you get the most out of your meeting. The following are important things to bring to your meeting so that the attorney has a basic understanding of your case, marital assets, and debts:

Tax Returns

It is important to know that tax returns show an attorney more than the income of both you and your spouse. The information can lead the attorney to other assets such as pension plans and investment accounts. It can also help the attorney to determine the amount that may be owed in alimony or child support. When preparing for your meeting, it can be beneficial to provide the last three years of tax returns.

Bank Statements and Investment Statements

All recent statements for bank accounts, including checking and savings accounts, money market accounts, and certificates of deposit, should be given to a divorce attorney. In addition to this, any credit union accounts you or your spouse may have can provide information about any loans through the credit union. It is important to know that any direct deposits of paychecks, military retirement payments, or social security will appear in the monthly bank statements. 

Pay Stubs

At least three recent pay stubs should be provided to an attorney. This will show if you or your spouse received any bonuses or commissions as well as if you are compensated for various expenses. This can include mileage, meals, or a cell phone. Pay stubs also reflect your health benefits, retirement deductions, and more. This allows an attorney to calculate an amount for any necessary alimony or child support.

Pension Plans

In the event that you or your spouse has a pension plan, Individual Retirement Account, or 401(k) plan, these statements should be given to the attorney. This allows them to review the statements and determine the amount of money that was deposited into the plan over the last year.

Real Estate

It is important for an attorney to get a sense of the assets that both you and your spouse have. This can also include any real estate both of you own. It is because of this that all deeds, mortgage statements, and escrow papers should be provided during the meeting.

Questions or Concerns

Generally speaking, people are not well versed in the experience and terms of divorce proceedings. It is because of this that they may not be entirely educated on the process and what is required of them. This is why it is crucial to come to the first attorney meeting with any questions or concerns you may have. 

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