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What to Know About Navigating a High-Conflict Divorce

It is rare that divorce is an easy thing to go through, but sometimes the process is made especially difficult by a spouse who just loves to cause conflict. If this sounds like exactly what is happening to you right now, then you need a professional who can help you navigate a high-conflict divorce. Our Morris County, NJ divorce lawyers are ready to assist you.

What Should I Avoid in a High-Conflict Divorce?

Even if you sincerely believe that you are not the one contributing to all of the conflict, there are some behaviors that can make a high-conflict divorce even more contentious. You may not even realize that you are participating in some of them. So here are some things that we suggest focusing on so that you can avoid making your high-conflict divorce even worse for everyone. You should not:

Vent to everyone: If you have a support system and close friends and loved ones who want you to talk about your divorce, lean on them and do that. What you should not do is vent to anyone and everyone about your divorce. It’s not good for you and the people around you are probably not going to appreciate it.

Engage your spouse in anger: When you get a message or call from your spouse that gets your blood pressure rising, step back. Do not call them or message them back right away. Take the time to deal with your own emotions, and then reach out when you are on more neutral ground.

Neglect your own health: This is going to be a stressful process, so make sure that you are taking care of yourself. You need sleep and a healthy diet. You should also consider seeing a psychologist or another mental health professional who can help you cope with the stressors and conflicts you are going to end up dealing with.

How Can I Protect My Children in a High-Conflict Divorce?

There is no reason for your kids to be involved in the worst parts of the divorce process. A high-conflict divorce can already be tough on them. You cannot protect them from everything, but you can do your best to be present when you are with your children and avoid negative behaviors like badmouthing your spouse, no matter how much they may deserve it.

How Can a Divorce Attorney Help Me?

A seasoned divorce attorney can do a few things to help you through your high-conflict divorce. They can:

  • Handle most of the communication on your behalf
  • Help you argue for the best possible outcome
  • Answer all of your questions about the legal process
  • Keep track of important court dates
  • Take care of most of the paperwork

Meet With Our Legal Team

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