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What Is Supervised Visitation?

After a divorce, both parents have the right to spend time with their children. However, sometimes there are situations in which one parent should not be left alone with their kids. This is when the court can demand supervised visitation. Whether you are the custodial parent or the one who gets visitation rights, our Morris County, NJ child custody attorneys are always ready to help you advocate for what you feel is best for your child.

When Should Supervised Visitation Be Used?

It is important to note that supervised visitation is not just something that one parent can suggest in order to punish the other parent or something that a parent can push for due to differences in parenting styles. Someone has to make a case for why they sincerely believe that their spouse should not have visitation on their own.

This usually requires someone to show that the child’s safety or welfare could be jeopardized if they spend time alone with one parent. There could be many reasons for this. The parent with visitation rights could suffer from psychological problems or drug addictions. There could be credible accusations of child abuse. One parent could also have physical disabilities that prevent them from caring for their children on their own.

Who Can Be the Supervisor?

When supervised visitation is ordered, someone needs to act as the supervisor. In some cases, the person supervising can be a friend or a family member. In other situations, it’s better to choose a neutral third party, like a social worker. The most important thing is for the supervisor to stay mostly out of the way and give the parent the time and opportunity to build their relationship with their children.

Where Does Supervised Visitation Take Place?

Supervised visitation can take place in a parent’s home. This is especially common when one parent is physically disabled. The supervisor can be a friend or family member who can help out and ensure that everyone stays safe. Sometimes visitation takes place in a neutral area though. New Jersey has several facilities where parents can visit with their kids in a controlled environment where safety and the wellbeing of the child are top priorities.

Can a Parent Eventually Ask for Unsupervised Visits?

If a parent does well with supervised visitation and cleans up any issues that caused the court to order supervised visits in the first place, it is possible that they will be allowed to have unspecified visitation in the future. Child visitation agreements can be revisited and relitigated in court after some time has passed.

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