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What is a Nesting Arrangement?

When people split custody of their children after a divorce, most end up in their own living space, and the kids go back and forth, depending on who has custody of them. A nesting arrangement works a bit differently. Our Morris County, NJ child custody attorneys can tell you if it might be a good idea for your family.

How Does a Nesting Arrangement Work?

In a nesting arrangement, the kids don’t get shuttled back and forth between two parents’ homes. Instead, they stay in the family home where they have lived since before the divorce occurred. The parents are the ones who get moved around. They come into the family home when it’s their time to spend with their kids.

Can a Nesting Arrangement Be Better For the Kids?

It can be challenging to definitively say what kind of arrangement would work best for a child after their parents have gone through a divorce. What we can do is look at some of the potential benefits of a nesting arrangement. From there, you can decide if this option is viable for your family. A nesting arrangement can offer:

Consistency: The kids stay in their bedrooms and don’t have to go to one or even two unfamiliar residences. They stay near their school, so there’s no interruption to their education, and they don’t have to drop out of any activities due to a move.

Structure: In a nesting arrangement, the kids stay in one space. This can make it easier to give them structure. Things remain the same each day, except for which parent is around.

Space: If you have multiple kids, it can be challenging to move out independently and find a new place with space for all of them. Staying in the family home eliminates this potential problem.

What Kinds of Parents Can Handle a Nesting Arrangement?

A nesting arrangement can only succeed if both parents are on the same page and can communicate well with each other. Some couples come out of a divorce and have to have every conversation through their lawyers. If that describes you and your former spouse, the nesting arrangement may not be your best choice.

Are There Any Other Advantages?

This arrangement offers another significant benefit. It means that the family home will not be sold, which is one less thing to deal with in the divorce process. You may eventually need to address this since a nesting arrangement is usually ideal for the short term, but for now, the kids get to stay in their familiar bedrooms, and you do not have to worry about the financial implications of selling or splitting the home.

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