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Divorced Man Doesnt Think Seinfeld Is So Funny

It is only natural for a person to look for someone or something to blame when they get divorced. Often, that blame is directed at the other spouse, possibly even at oneself.

For one man who claims he didn’t want to divorce from his wife, he blames a very unique source for the end of his “happy” marriage. He blames Jerry Seinfeld and a reality show that the star produces.

Last year, the program “The Marriage Ref” aired on TV, showing various couples’ squabbles and what different celebrities thought about each relationship. A 47-year-old husband and his and wife from New York landed a spot on the show, an opportunity that they were initially excited about.

Now, however, the husband sees the opportunity as the downfall of his 14-year marriage.

He and his wife are now divorced, and he claims, “Jerry Seinfeld ruined my life.” According to Fox News, the ex-husband says that his ex-wife became obsessed with becoming a star as a result of their short appearance on “The Marriage Ref.” Her newfound passion for the spotlight marked the end of the couple’s happiness.

Sources report that the ex-husband believes show producers took advantage of the couple by promising them a much-needed financial boost. Representatives from the show reportedly told the couple that the show would include some marketing for their struggling business. That didn’t happen, and now the ex claims that he is bankrupt.

That sounds like a lot of blame – divorce and bankruptcy – to place on the otherwise beloved comic Jerry Seinfeld. Neither Seinfeld nor other representatives from the show have commented on this odd case.


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