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Father Caught In New Jersey After Taking His Young Boy

In New Jersey, child custody decisions shouldn’t be and are not taken lightly. Fairness to both parents is a family law priority, as the state sees children having relationships with both parents as the healthiest scenario.

While a joint parenting agreement is ideal in most family law cases, there are exceptions to that rule. In some cases, a parent’s actions and situation can cause the court to limit child custody to only one parent. Denied custody and visitation can result in a parent taking drastic measures to see their child.

Recently, authorities apprehended a father in New Jersey who had reportedly taken his son, whom he argues he hadn’t seen for a couple of years. The mother had reported her son was taken from Brooklyn after the father allegedly assaulted her and took the 3-year-old. The boy is now back with his mother and safe.

The exact legal situation that this family lives with is not disclosed by our source. Taking one’s child without the other parent’s permission, however, is rarely a good idea. There are legal routes to try in order to change one’s rights to their child.

If the suspect in this case has been denied his father’s rights due to his lifestyle, he could try to turn his life around and then seek a modification of the child custody agreement through the court system. The legal route is in his best interest and the best interest of his son, who shouldn’t have to be subjected to the emotional trauma of being unexpectedly taken away from his home.

Sources do not indicate whether the father has been charged with a crime.


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