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Odonnell Seeing The Rosier Side Of Life After Divorce

It’s a big transition in the life of Oprah Winfrey – and her viewing public. Her daytime talk show is over, and she has begun a new chapter by starting her own network. The network will feature Winfrey, but it will also feature many other star “teachers” whom Winfrey has selected to appear on the network.

One of the chosen is Rosie O’Donnell. While Winfrey is in a state of transition, O’Donnell has also been in the midst of her own transition after the end of her same-sex relationship. She recently discussed more details behind the divorce with the media.

According to reports, O’Donnell revealed some personal points about her life, her same-sex marriage and split. It took O’Donnell some time to open up to the public about her sexuality. But she did reveal her truth and later married her now ex-partner in a California ceremony in 2004.

Between them, O’Donnell and her ex have four children, the oldest of whom is now 16 years old. The same-sex union lasted until 2007, when their reportedly amicable split became official. She and her ex reportedly grew apart due to different life interests. While their relationship has changed, O’Donnell asserts that the she and her ex continue to co-parent their kids.

A universal message from O’Donnell’s divorce is that while love between partners might change, love for children doesn’t. The beloved star passionately insists that her children remain the priority of her life and that she is a happier person now. Divorce can be a doorway to a fresh start of a happier family and life.


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