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Family Split By Divorce Claim They All Love Lucy The Dog

It seems suitable that a goldendoodle dog named Lucy would be at the center of a notable family law dispute. How can anything be named Lucy and not be loved, right? In this out-of-state dispute, however, it seems like there is too much love, or something, going around when it comes to the family dog.

About two years ago, a couple began their divorce process. They had a teenage daughter together, who went away to school after the split. The estranged wife moved out of the family home, and her ex was left with two dogs, until he handed over their care to his sister. Now, the family is in a custody fight over one of those pooches.

According to ABC News, the ex-husband’s sister has been caring for the family’s dogs since the divorce process began. One of the dogs passed away, which reportedly ignited a passionate dispute between the sister, her brother’s ex-wife and the daughter. The ex-wife and her daughter want custody of Lucy and claim that the microchip placed in the dog should confirm that they are the rightful owners of the dog.

But the ex-husband’s sister argues that she has put a lot of time, love and money into Lucy. She wants to be named Lucy’s owner and hasn’t given up that hope, even though reports claim that the ex-wife and her daughter have tried to harass her out of keeping the dog.

This matter shows how divorce can create a ripple effect of details and emotions to sort out. It also proves the logic behind some couples’ decision to create prenuptial or postnuptial contracts that include details about pet ownership following divorce.

That might sound silly to some, but the family in this property dispute probably could have been saved some hardship had such a division of property stipulation existed between the couple. Things maybe wouldn’t have gotten so doggone ugly.


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