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For Families Of Divorce The Holidays Can Be A Struggle

Divorce is never easy, especially when children are involved. With various changes in child custody arrangements many people find that their holiday routines are thrown askew. For many New Jersey parents this disruption can play a significant factor in holiday blues, or even lead to full-blown depression.

Regardless of how child custody is handled both parents in the divorce, as well as any children involved, should take precautions to take care of themselves both physically and mentally and work to develop new routines that can bring about new positive memories.

It is all too easy to see various holiday movies, commercials and other holiday scenes and start seeing the past through rose colored glasses. It’s easy to ignore the fact that things were far from picture perfect before the divorce. Developing new routines and new ways to make positive memories will take time and effort from everyone involved, but many divorced families are able to find balance with their new situations and learn to carry on with the holidays in a positive light.

When the challenge of staying positive during the holidays is especially difficult, getting professional help could be necessary. Whether mental or medical help is enough to help you through the season, it is important to look at the whole picture. If a parent or child is suffering from holiday blues the whole family if affected. It’s only by dealing with the problem that you can learn to enjoy the season once again.


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