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Does Halle Berry Have New Reason To Fight For Child Custody

Halle Berry is well-known for her beauty and an Oscar win, but she has also made a reputation for herself as a woman who dates incredibly good looking men. She has one child with one of her former boyfriend’s Gabriel Aubry, and since their breakup, the stars have gone back and forth in a child custody dispute.

It sounds like in the case of this ex, Berry didn’t just pick a handsome man, but she also may have picked one with a temper. It is still early on in the most recent incident related to Berry and Aubry’s child, but reports indicate that Aubry could face potential child endangerment charges following a supposed altercation that occurred last Wednesday.

TMZ reports that the incident involved Aubry, their daughter and the daughter’s nanny. It was supposedly Aubry’s time to be with the child when he decided not to take her to school last Wednesday. It was the nanny’s responsibility to pick the child up from school, and when she didn’t find her there, she went to Aubry’s home and sought answers.

According to sources, Aubry didn’t like his parenting being questioned by the nanny and he became upset. The police report indicates that the nanny says Aubry ultimately pushed her while she was holding the child. She filed a police report, and now Aubry could face both battery and child endangerment charges.

But the legal trouble might not stop there. TMZ reports that Berry plans to bring this issue to family court, perhaps to limit Aubry’s visitation with the child. We will post an update when there is a new development in this child custody matter.


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