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Real Housewife Officially Ex Wife Again After Settlement

She might not be a member of the cast of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” but Tamra of the Orange County edition still draws headlines of her own. The housewives of all of the successful Bravo series are generally used to the dramas of marriage and divorce.

According to reports, Tamra can officially put her second divorce behind her, now that it has finally been settled. If you are a fan of her reality show, then you likely know that Tamra and her ex Simon have been in the midst of an acrimonious divorce for a couple of seasons now.

Tamra initiated the divorce, marking the beginning of the end of the couple’s 11-year marriage. She and Simon have three kids together, meaning that child custody has been a matter of debate between the parents during the divorce.

The debate also revolved around financial issues that accompany divorce, including spousal support and child support. Those disputes have come to an end, now that a divorce settlement has been finalized.

Reports indicate that the parents are sharing custody of their children. When they are with the children or speaking publically about each other and the marriage, neither Tamra nor Simon is allowed to speak negatively about the other parent. Will Tamra be able to live up to that while she is on a reality show that relies on drama?

The settlement also says that neither party will pay spousal support to the other. Tamra is engaged to be married, so it’s not surprising that a court would see spousal support as unnecessary. Also, each parent is responsible for their equal share of supporting the children. When the children are in the custody of each parent, that parent is responsible for providing for the kids.

It’s a potentially controversial setup. Some might be surprised that either party agreed to the settlement. Neither she nor Simon has publically commented on the agreement. Perhaps the next season of the reality show will shed some more light on the situation. It sounds as though the two might have just wanted to bring the process to an end, likely for the sake of the children and moving on.


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