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Likely High Asset Divorce Begins Involving Famous Producer

Have you seen the movies Shakespeare in Love or Pulp Fiction? If you are any sort of movie buff, then you probably have. And while you might recognize the names of the actors from those films, you probably recognize the Weinstein name that goes along with the production of those movies and many more.

Robert Weinstein is part of the lucrative Weinstein Company. With a lucrative business like the production company, the report that Weinstein’s wife recently filed for divorce suggests that there might be some serious financial matters for the couple to sort through if they are to make their split official. A high net worth divorce needs a divorce attorney with experience handling complex financial matters.

According to the New York Post, Weinstein’s wife not only wants a divorce, but she has also requested to get an order of protection against her famous husband. Reports don’t indicate that there is a history of domestic violence between the couple, and Weinstein’s attorney asserts that his client has his wife’s best interests at heart.

The interests of his wife are at the center of recent reports because she was reportedly put through an intervention for her supposed drinking problem soon before filing the dissolution papers. Whether she is getting help for her reported addiction is not disclosed.

There are many questions left to be answered regarding this particular family law matter, but so far it sounds like there could be a high amount of drama and of course media attention connected to the divorce process. As we have seen on the family law blog in the past, it’s the high-asset divorces that can drag on and get heated. But, Weinstein has been through one other divorce, so maybe he has prepared for this one, meaning he and his wife created a prenuptial agreement.

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