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Update In New Jersey Custody Case Involving Nazi Named Children

Naming a child is an exciting, important decision that all parents make. Some will name their kids for a family member or after a song or place that they love. It is also common for parents to name their child after a star or historical figure that they love. For a pair of New Jersey parents, they took the route of naming their kids after someone/something they admire but the majority of the world detests.

The parents named one of their kids after Adolf Hitler and the others after the white supremacy movement. We actually added a post about this unique family because, based on a reported history of domestic violence, the state wanted to take child custody away from the parents. There has been an update in the family law case.

According to The Huffington Post, a New Jersey Superior Court has ruled that the kids will be the safest if they do not return to the custody of their parents. Child custody was temporarily taken away from the parents about three years ago. Their youngest child was born in 2011 and immediately taken from the family until a custody decision was reached by the state.

Reports indicate that domestic violence had occurred between the mother and father, the mother having sought help from neighbors in the past. Also, their eldest son was supposedly exhibiting an inclination toward violence. Family courts take any indication of violence in the home extremely seriously. It isn’t incredibly surprising that the family’s past would lead to a decision that the kids’ best interests would be best served by removing them from their parents.

The father (his wife has reportedly left him) is predictably upset by the recent child custody ruling. He accuses the system of basing its decision on the fact that the parents are self-identified Nazis. He believes that they should be free to live based on their beliefs as part of the freedoms of living in the United States. His fight could continue with an appeal to the decision.

If the case does move on toward an appeal, we will post an update. At this point, however, it seems that the court is not convinced that the parents can create a safe, healthy environment for the children.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Adolf Hitler Campbell Custody Battle: Parents Will Not Get Kids Back After Nazi Naming,” Hilary Tuttle, May 31, 2012