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Fugitive Accused Of Domestic Violence Is Sought By Police

After allegedly detaining his ex-girlfriend against her will, an Englewood, New Jersey, man discharged a firearm inside her residence. At the time, one of their children was nearby; the bullet he fired stopped a couple of feet from his daughter’s crib. The suspect later fled from the scene of the crime in the woman’s Honda Accord with a .45-caliber rifle that was reported as stolen.

Although this incident occurred in January 2013, the mother did not alert law enforcement until late February. The male suspect faces multiple charges, including auto theft, endangerment of a minor, false imprisonment, weapons violations and domestic violence. He is still at large, and he is the subject of a manhunt by the Englewood police, who are asking that people with knowledge of his current location call 911.

Although it’s uncommon for most domestic violence cases to escalate to this level, victims can still suffer serious physical damages and mental harm. Domestic abuse often continues for an extended period of time. Some victims try to deal with their situations on their own for the good of their children or out of a desire to salvage their relationships. As this case demonstrates, complicated family issues or the threat of violence may also make it hard for victims to feel safe enough to seek assistance from the police.

Some victims think that the law is working against them because they have to go through legal procedures to obtain orders for protection, and restraining orders may not seem effective against people who have already taken violent action. As a result, many victims seek the legal assistance of domestic violence attorneys who can help them exercise their legal rights to the maximum extent.

Source: North Jersey, “Englewood cops seek fugitive in alleged domestic violence case,” Rebecca Baker, March 12, 2013