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Man Faces Charges For Failing To Pay Child Support

New Jersey residents may have heard stories about deadbeat parents who get caught after being on the lam, but a recent story illustrates how even social media can be used as a tool to help enforce child support. After flashing pictures of himself with piles of cash across a social media website, a Wisconsin man now faces charges for supposedly failing to pay child support for his 3-year-old son. He was court-ordered to pay $150 of child support per month but has reportedly made no payments thus far.

The chief district attorney observed that social media is commonly used in cases to delve into a suspect’s personal life and find out information that might be otherwise difficult to obtain. Social media posts and photos are often used in case when a parent fails to pay child support. The prosecution can obtain evidence about what an accused person is really doing and how they are living through their posts and photos.


Another person questioned the thought process that someone would use when they are posting photos of themselves with cash on a social media site despite being in arrears on their court obligations to their child. She believes that it might be because of a “constant need for attention” that the sites encourage. She added that people want to be “seen” and “heard” on the sites, but it was foolish for him to post the pictures of the money.

The accused man was previously served with a warrant in Feb. 2013 but never came to court. The warrant is still in effect.

Parents who are having difficulty making court-ordered payments do not usually benefit from avoiding their responsibilities. Instead, enlisting the help of an attorney who can draft a support order modification satisfactory to both parents may allow them to avoid enforcement actions and help their children with much-needed funds in a practical manner.

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