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Alimony Obligations Can Sometimes Change

Whether an alimony award is permanent or of limited duration, there are instances when it can be either changed or even terminated when circumstances warrant. New Jersey courts have dealt with this issue at great length. There have been instances when alimony has been increased, reduced and sometimes even terminated early. Before making such a significant change the courts will look at a variety of factors including whether there is a change of circumstances and whether those circumstances are temporary or permanent; whether the change is voluntary, whether the change was motivated by bad faith or to avoid the obligation and how the change impacts the payor’s ability to pay. Circumstances have included long term unemployment, inability to work and retirement among many others. There is no specific formula that the courts use as they try to determine whether a support obligation remains fair. When you meet with your New Jersey lawyer make sure to have helpful documents like your tax returns, pay stubs or any other evidence that supports your position that your circumstances have changed.