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The Importance Of A Case Information Statement

When going through a divorce, the Case Information Statement may be the most important document you will file with the Court. It is essential for every phase of your case and will serve as a roadmap throughout the proceedings. Whether you are filing a pendente lite motion for support, trying to settle your case, or proceeding with trial, the Case Information Statement will be required every step of the way.

A Case Information Statement is a document which sets forth your income and your monthly expenses. It provides the Court with an idea of the budget established by you and your spouse during the marriage, as well as the budget you will require now that you and your spouse have separated. You are required to submit this document to the Court in every contested action regarding custody, support, alimony, or equitable distribution. You are also required to file it within twenty (20) days of an Answer or Appearance.

Make sure your Case Information Statement is complete and accurate. When completing the income portion, be sure that you are utilizing your most recent tax returns, your W-2’s and/or 1099’s, and your last three (3) pay stubs. This documentation must always be attached to a Case Information Statement. You should also ensure that the Assets and Liabilities sections are as accurate as possible. Always be prepared to provide backup in the form of bank statements.

A household budget is always changing. Do not be afraid to modify and update your Case Information Statement if necessary. An inaccurate budget can directly result in either too much or too little financial support.

Completing a Case Information Statement can often be a daunting process, but it is one that is critical throughout your divorce proceedings. If you feel that you require assistance in completing your Case Information Statement, schedule a consultation with an experienced attorney to provide you with assistance. [Posted by Jenny Birz, Esq.]