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Director Deals With Intense Divorce

New Jersey movie fans may have been following the tumultuous personal life of director Michael Moore. The director of such films as “Fahrenheit 9/11” is currently divorcing his wife of 23 years, Kathleen Glynn, who produced some of his documentaries. During their time together, the couple amassed tens of millions of dollars in income, and much of the focus of this particularly high net worth divorce is on the division of money and property between the two.

Moore’s legal team hopes to highlight how Glynn’s alleged use of marital funds to build a multi-million-dollar vacation mansion has adversely affected Moore’s reputation. Moore’s documentaries have earned him a reputation as a man of the people, and the home – which one publication dubbed his “hypocrite house” – allegedly disturbs that image to the point of being detrimental to his career. His legal team has called in two of Moore’s agents to back up the claims.

Despite the focus on the one house, the divorce must also involve a division of the eight other properties owned by the couple. Sources did not indicate which member of the couple initiated the divorce or what the reason for splitting was, but one source described the split as “vicious.”

For those who are facing divorce, particularly a high asset divorce, it may be wise to consult with a lawyer who is well-versed in the intricacies of the legal process. Dividing property is often time-consuming and emotionally draining, and having the guidance of a divorce attorney may ease the difficulties. Like New Jersey, Michigan follows the principle of equitable distribution when determining property division in the absence of an agreement between the parties.

Source: Fox News, “Director Michael Moore enmeshed in vicious divorce“, June 08, 2014