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Why Should I Be Careful About What I Post on Social Media During a Divorce?

As a result of the Coronavirus outbreak in recent weeks, most people in the state of New Jersey are being required to stay inside and socially isolate themselves from others in an effort to slow the spread of the disease. To find a distraction and some entertainment, this is bringing many people to use social media more frequently. It is because of this that it is important to discuss how these platforms can impact the outcome of divorce proceedings if they are used inappropriately. 

It is important to know that improper social media usage can have an affect whether you are going through a divorce currently or went through one in the past. Either way, no one should ever make posts that are speaking badly about their former spouse or soon-to-be former spouse. Also arguing with a former spouse on social media can be a red flag during or after a divorce. This is because the courts can keep a close eye on a person’s social media during the proceedings to be sure they are not engaging in poor conduct. In the event that they are by discussing their case or bad-mouthing their partner, the proceedings may work against them. 

In addition to this, other behavior that could impact the outcome of a divorce can include posting certain pictures. For example, posting pictures drinking or partying could be used against a parent in terms of child custody. On the other hand, posting pictures of new purchases, vacations, and more can result in arguments regarding alimony or child support payments. It is because of this that it is best to maintain your privacy in order to protect your children from how difficult divorce proceedings can really get. 

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