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I Filed for Divorce Before the Coronavirus Outbreak: What do I do Now?

It can take a long time for a spouse to come to terms with the end of their marriage in order to file for divorce. When they finally decide to file, it is often like ripping a band-aid, and they want the divorce proceedings to be over as soon as possible. However, in recent times with the outbreak of the Coronavirus, people’s lives have been impacted in many different ways. Now that most courts in New Jersey are closed in an effort to slow the spread of the virus, this can mean divorce proceedings are affected as well.

As spouses most likely want their divorce to continue moving along during this time, there are different options that can be considered. If a couple was previously planning to divorce through litigation, they may wish to consider divorce mediation or a collaborative divorce instead. This is because the courts can now be backed up with limited scheduled hearings, meaning it can be a while before a case is heard. However, through mediation or a collaborative divorce, spouses can have more control over the process of their case outside of the courtroom. Instead of waiting for a time to appear in court, virtual mediation sessions can be scheduled at times that are convenient for all parties involved. This allows the process to continue moving forward. 

The processes of mediation and a collaborative divorce both provide other benefits aside from the present circumstances. Both methods are low-conflict, saving spouses a great deal of stress compared to going through litigation. In addition to this, the processes can help to save money, as it is not as costly. While these are appealing options, it is important to remember that they require negotiation and compromise. It is because of this that spouses need to be able to work together to reach conclusions. Spouses who have difficulty with open and honest communication may find these methods more difficult for their case.

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