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Can I Get a Divorce During the Coronavirus Lockdown?

While the state of New Jersey still has stay-at-home orders in effect, there are many couples who previously wanted to divorce that are now stuck living together during this difficult time. Those who are in these situations may be left wondering if they are still able to move forward with a divorce. Continue reading below to learn more about how to handle these situations.

Claim Your Space

If you wanted to move forward with a divorce before COVID-19 struck, the current circumstances most likely changed these plans. Spouses who are forced into living in the same house during this lockdown should be sure to claim their own space, especially if they have difficulty getting along. This can include sleeping in a spare bedroom, separating their clothes or personal belongings, etc. Establishing a “home base” in the house can allow spouses some privacy during this time. 

Going through a divorce is difficult at any time for children. The current situation may be a good time to explain the ongoing changes in the family to children by using “kid-friendly” language so that they can understand the new arrangements moving forward. 

Commit to Co-Parenting

Due to the fact that children are at home and no longer attending school during this time, parents can be left with the difficult approach of how to juggle this with their impending divorce. During this time, it is important for children to receive the structure they need. Spouses in these situations are now required to figure out how they will work together as co-parents of their children. Parents should take this time to discuss how they plan to do so amicably and each spend time with their children. This is possible by establishing a temporary parenting plan that allows both parents to have solo time with their kids.

Stay in Contact With Your Attorney

It can be difficult to talk about your plans for divorce with your current spouse in the other room. However, it is important to always keep up constant communication with your attorney during this time. This can be made possible either by phone or through video conferencing. Be sure to make it a priority to set aside free time and find a free space to discuss these critical matters and how to move forward with the case. 

Explore Out of Court Options

While speaking with an attorney, discuss how the process of divorce can be expedited under the current circumstances. This can be made possible by using out of court divorce methods, such as mediation, collaboration, or arbitration. Spouses who are able to work together to communicate with one another and communicate honestly may be able to benefit from these methods, as they can keep the case out of the court system and be resolved quicker.

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